Optimus Prime and car2go

10 Mar 2015, by John Pesina in Products

This shoot was done last year in June just before the latest Transformers movie was due to be released. At the time the vehicle used in the movie as Optimus Prime was on a bit of a press tour, yes I couldn’t believe that was a thing either, and Western Star was having a conference here in Austin.

I received a call about 2 days before the shoot was to take place asking if I had an afternoon to spare for unique photo opportunity. They couldn’t tell me I’d be shooting,  just the size of the product and how many shots they’d need. I also wasn’t going to be allowed to put these photos up anywhere until I got the ‘okay’, this was strictly a ‘hush, hush’ deal and no one was allowed to know.

I think most photographers would say no to that last condition, but honestly, I was so intrigued I agreed over the phone and made plans not knowing what the hell I was being hired to photograph, just that it was massive.

On the day of the shoot I showed up expecting to have about 4 hours to accomplish my goals, we were to take photos of the main ‘product’ and few more from a neighboring brand under the same umbrella company.  I was given half an hour, because Optimus was going to have to “roll out” sooner than expected to make his next event in Houston. It took 15 minutes just to get him in position, and another 10 to place the lights around him.

In the end I had fun and the clients were happy with the photos.

Big thanks to car2go, Western Star, and Daimler for making this happen.

Austin Commercial Photographer - Optimus Prime and Car2gocar2go and Western star big rig.




Austin Commercial Photographer - Optimus Prime and Car2gocar2go’s and Optimus Prime face off.


Austin Commercial Photographer - Optimus Prime and Car2goOptimus Prime.

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